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Strategic Partner in Talent Search

Are you looking for a talent search company to empower your business needs ? Yes here , we are into.

Our Approach to your Need

The right people will create the right results. Green Wind Solution recruitment solution is designed to allow for a fast and flexible process whilst maintaining the highest quality standard. We carefully apply our industry leading process to your specified need , and take full project leadership - from setting the time plan to the signing of the employment contract. Through our solutions we give opportunity for capabilities to grow and to emerge as responsible professionals. We value standard, experience, commitment and sincerity which can become an asset to a company. Our professional recruitment service is unique , as it combines the fast and flexible candidate search with executive level assessment methodology , using our global leading assessment house and recruitment specialist
  1. Finding and attracting the right candidates.
  2. Motivating candidates to participate and stay in the process.
  3. Selecting the right talent sing an industry leading personal selection methods.
  4. Facilitating candidates to sign the employment contract.
  5. Integrating new employees.
Our Services

Customized Solution for Every Business

    1. Project Plan and Start
    2. Time and Communication Plan
    3. Stakeholders Meeting
    4. Role Analysis
    1. Recruitment Brief
    2. Demand Profile
    3. Recruitment Strategy
    1. Candidate Search
    2. Network Search
    3. Database Search
    4. Advertisement & Social Media
    1. Candidate Interview
    2. Demand Profile
    3. Recruitment Strategy
    1. Candidate Assessment
    2. Candidate Assessment
    3. Recommendation Reports
    4. Recommendation Meeting
    1. Candidate Employment
    2. Employment Meeting
    3. Negotiation
    4. Follow up after six and twelve Months