Is Sales Training such a Hard Nut to crack ?

What is Selling ?

…involves person-to-person communication with a prospect. It is a process of developing relationships; discovering needs; matching the appropriate products [and services] with those needs; and communicating benefits through informing, reminding, or persuading.”

Selling involves

Package of emotions and feelings

Before You Do Anything Else…

Sell yourself/ Your Brand
Know your product
Know the value equation
Know your competition
Know why your customer should buy from you instead of your competition

The Body of the Presentation

Use all senses possible
Be aware of clues—body language, questions, etc
Sell benefits not features
Make it logical and end by filling the need

A successful sales person needs…

Domain knowledge
Proficiency in skills
Right attitude

Domain Knowledge needed by the sales Person

Knowledge about Industry
Knowing the Product
Knowing the process
Understanding customers’ objections

Skills required to be successful sales person

Listening skills
Sales people need to be good listeners
Questioning skills
Ask right questions to the prospect
Identifying buying signals
Based on these signals, a sales person can plan his next move or question.
Negotiating and closing skills
Creating a win-win situation for both the customer and themselves

Attitude that are very important for a sales Person

Confidence helps them to take rejections in their stride and bounce back with enthusiasm.
Persistent and determinant
The determined person refuses to accept defeat and goes on to attain what he wants.
Maintain a long-term relationship with customers
Need to view each sale as a stepping stone towards earning the goodwill of their customers.
Having a friendly personality
Accountable for themselves, their customers and their organization
Sales people need to be receptive and willing to change


Attitude of salespeople determines the altitude to which they can rise in their career and in an organization.

Always believe

Selling ideas or products to known people involves different dynamics than selling to strangers does

Some Characteristics of Professional Selling

Driven to make it a career
Focus on the long term
Desire to improve to become an expert
Focus on matching vs. telling
Strength in all aspects of the Basic Sales Cycle

The Basic Sales Cycle

Listening/Observing – Needs Analysis
Analyze/Recommend – Recommendation
Identify/Handle Objections – Preparing the Close
Ask for the Sale – Closing
Build Follow Up Opportunity – Repeat/Referral Business

Eight Qualities of Top Salespeople

They are ambitious.
They are courageous.
They are committed.
They see themselves more as consultants than as salespeople.
They are prepared.
They engage in continuous learning.
They have good domain knowledge
They have good attitude

Forbidden Phrases

I Don’t Know…
Why Do You Need to Know ?…
That’s Against Company Policy…
You Are Wrong …
You Will Have to..
That’s Not My Job…
We’ve Never Done in That Way..

Why are some salespeople so successful?

80% of Sales success is psychological.

Top salespeople are OPTIMISTS.

They have a positive mental attitude.

20% of the salespeople make 80% of the sales and 80% of the commissions
10% of salespeople open 80% of new accounts (“hunters”)
The top 10% of sales professionals today earn 5X, 10X, 15X and even 20X the average of the other 80%-90%.

The Three Most Common Sales Mistakes

Not listening to the buyer
Not asking for the order
Forgetting to sell existing customers


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